World's Intact Forest Landscapes

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Key Findings

  • The current extent of the world's forest zone, as defined above, is 55.9 million km2 or 37.3% of the Earth's total land area. IFL comprise 13.1 million km2 or 23.5% of the forest zone.
  • Most of the IFL consist of closed forests (64.5%), with the remainder spread over open forests and woodlands (20.5%), and non-forest ecosystems (15.0%).
    30.8 percent of the world's closed forests remain intact.
  • The vast majority of IFL are found in two biomes: Humid Tropical and Boreal forests. The lowest proportion of IFL is found in Temperate forests.
  • IFL exist in 66 of the 149 countries that together make up the forest zone. Most of the world's IFL area is concentrated in a small number of countries - 13 countries contain 90% of the total IFL area, and three of them - Canada, Russia and Brazil - alone contain 63.8% of the world's entire IFL area.
  • Less then 19% of the world's IFL area has some form of protection, but only 9.7% is strictly protected, i.e. belongs to IUCN categories I-III of protected areas. The protected proportion varies among biomes and countries. The protected portion is greatest in Temperate forests and smallest in Boreal forests, where no more than 4.4% of the IFL area is strictly protected. Among the continents, the protected proportion is smallest in Asia. Some Asian countries - China, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam - have placed little or nothing of their IFL area under protection.

Datasets used for IFL analysis:

World Database on Protected Areas: WDPA, 2007. UNEP-WCMC and IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas - December 2007.

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